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                                          “Let us take cleaning off your Agenda.” 

You may have noticed, getting a cabin in the woods or renting a beach house isn’t just for summer vacationers anymore. Private and furnished property rentals, like Airbnbs, are not just vacation homes. They provide residual and passive income for home and business owners.

The Clean Agenda is the Preferred Vendor in the DMV and we are actively reaching agreements with our partners to provide cleaning and guest communication services for short-term rental properties. Working with us through your listing platform gives you a seamless transition to the #1 Cleaning Service in the DMV.

Immediate access to your Booking Calendar means less work for you. NO more searching for last-minute cleaners, NO more Bad Reviews, NO more Hassle. Impress your guests and get the benefits of having the #1 Cleaning Service in the DMV. The Clean Agenda provides continuous high-quality results. Just check our Reviews.

We would love to become your preferred vendor.

I’ve been in the cleaning business for 22 years.  I have discovered that the only way to ensure exceptional service is to take exceptional care of my team.  Plain and simple. I enjoy long-term relationships with my clients and my team.  We only hire career cleaners. And we enjoy an over 95% retention rate with our clients.  It has everything to do with the way we treat our team members. My team enjoys their work and takes pride in being reliable, punctual, and friendly.  You will be matched with a solo technician.  We will get to know your property and your needs.  And deliver 100% SATISFACTION each service.

It depends upon the service you need but we do offer flat rates.  We offer a very competitive price sheet upfront for all our services. Our pricing is reflective of the value. We’ll schedule a site visit with you to view your property and provide recommendations that will shorten your turnover time giving you the opportunity to rebook your next client sooner rather than later. We are competitive for comparable services.  Hardworking, loyal, and trustworthy team members should be compensated like professionals.  They are the service and their value is reflected in the price.  We will not be the lowest quote you will receive and we don’t aim to be.  Instead, we aim to be the last cleaning service you will ever need.

We offer convenient credit/debit card payments only.  This is both for your convenience and also one of the many ways we save on overhead in order to spend on what matters most: quality staff.  Your card is saved in our secure payment system. You will be charged the evening after service. No need to worry about leaving cash or checks.

It’s completely up to you.  While it’s not required, it is appreciated.  If it’s helpful, those who do tip, generally offer 5-20% of the bill each service and/or the equivalent of one service total during the holidays.  One time cleans tend to tip a flat amount instead of a % of the bill.

Most of the time, yes.  We understand the benefits of having the same technician each time.  But our primary concern is making sure you have service each and every time.  (We had perfect attendance in 2020, not a single missed clean!) The times you may see a substitute come in are: illness, vacation, unexpected emergencies, or during the holidays when the schedule gets just a little crazy!  We do keep detailed notes on your home and needs. Any sub will be equally amazing and will read through your notes so we can deliver the same service you’re used to.

Sometimes we encounter a home that is outside the normal scope and will require more time than allotted for your flat rate cleaning.  These can be: heavy grease, mold, thick dust, hard water build up, dense animal hair, clutter or cigarette smoke. You can find these in homes that haven’t been cleaned in several months or longer.  It is best to anticipate this ahead of time so that we can come prepared with additional labor, specialty tools and sufficient supplies.

We will talk to you before moving forward with the clean.  You will have 2 options:
1)Stay with the service and set new priorities.  Our technicians are well trained to give you the most “bang for your buck” by focusing on the areas that are most important to you.
2)Increase the budget.  We’ll give you the adjusted amount and approximate time required to complete the job to 100% Satisfaction.

You do not need to be there to let your cleaner in but we do highly recommend being there at the beginning of your first clean.  This recommendation is for YOU! We think it’s nice to put a face to the fantastic service you are about to receive and it never hurts to give them a tour and discuss any nuances.  For subsequent cleans we ask that you:
  • Provide a code to the lock or garage or
  • Provide a key

Our technicians don’t carry keys or codes, instead, lockbox locations, access codes, and access instructions are kept confidential in your service notes. This keeps things simple and our efforts focused on providing exceptional service. You have the choice of an over-the-door handle lockbox or one that you can attach to the side of your home.

We use what gets the job done. We have a variety of all-purpose cleaning, glass, and floor cleaners and give our cleaning technicians to use what works for them.  We also carry an orange oil solution for wood, Bar Keepers Friend for mineral and soap build-up, a de-greaser, and an acidic toilet bowl cleaner.  Our technicians are trained on the proper care and use of their supplies and equipment and they are included in your rate. If you have a special request, please let us know!

For your regular, recurring service we will assign you one solo cleaner.  We don’t want to send a parade of people through your home. This is both for your comfort and an important part of our business model that provides exceptional service each and every time.  (Feel free to ask us why we LOVE solo cleaners!) For deep cleans, heavy duty initial cleans and large homes, we’ll likley send more than one technician.

Our owner started her career in 1999 and developed a proprietary process for meeting the very specific needs of tenant turnover cleans.  These cleans can be extremely challenging as they are often “heavy duty” but working with a budget that is considerably lower than what is required for even a standard level of build-up.  The typical response to this is to hire low-paid, low-skilled labor and hope for the best! We understand how to service these with tight budgets and can provide a solution that can be set-it-and-forget-it easy.  You have enough to worry about, simply send us your work orders and we will handle it from there. Contact us here if you would like to learn more.

You can view our cleaning checklists here.  If you have special requests you can leave notes in your account after checkout or let us know via text. We’ll give you a call prior to your scheduled service to ensure we have addressed all your concerns. For safety reasons, our technicians will not climb a ladder, clean things that would pose a risk to her health or safety, or create a clear liability to the company. We do require that all utilities are in working order (lights, heat/AC, water)


Jerrilyn Gumila
Jerrilyn Gumila

Just left us a 5 star review

The townhome was very clean and smelled amazing the entire time. It looked like a brand new townhome when we checked in due to how tidy it was. We loved this property, they did a great job!

lynn mcveety

Cleanest place I have ever stayed!!!!

Kay Rose
Pat O'Fallon

She did deep cleaning of 3.5 baths and kitchen. She did a great job was very pleasant and the areas smell wonderfully clean. We have a lot of iron in the water and she was able to get rid of the pink from all areas. I would definitely recommend her. Thanks so much for a job done very very well.

Kae Tvrdy

Stayed at a Clean Agenda property during the 4th of July weekend. Upon arrival there were some issues: AC was not working, one door missing and one not able to close. After communicating this to the Clean agenda rep, Angel, they were extremely responsive, came to the property to ensure it was fixed and also discussed a partial refund since it was not what we had planned for. Extremely professional, and would definitely recommend the service since even if you run into issues, they are there to ensure they are fixed.

Rebecca S.W.

They were able to come to an emergency same day move out clean for up. Paige was amazing when I called first thing in the AM, she quickly found someone for me and assured me the clean wouldn’t be a problem. Within 10 minutes I got a phone call back that the move out clean would be done by Corrine. I had misinformed Paige of some things I wanted, they reached back out to me to let me know what I had missed and did I want them to do it. Corinne was very thorough and did an excellent job, and on such short notice leading into a holiday weekend. I can’t recommend this business enough!

J. Rosali
tariq hutton
Shawna Shaw
Helen Le

Angel was very friendly, patient, flexible and is extremely experienced in Airbnb cleanings. Your home is in good hands with her and her cleaning team.

Jaanay Watkis

Steven did a great job in our home! We are very pleased with the cleaning and of course the customer service.

Jacob Walsh
Michael White

I’ve use them twice and each time they did a very thorough job. I will use them for all my home cleaning projects.

Meriam Driss

Claudia was thorough and even came back when she forgot a bathroom. That is exceptional customer service.

Every professional service and the crew did a great job. I’m setting up monthly services. I would definitely requirement.

Lindsey Tagg

Fantastic group. Efficient, perfectly on time and more professional than I could have asked for. Above and beyond team.

Stephen was awesome! Very detailed. Great cleaning for Airbnb!

Brendon Gehrke

I finally found a cleaner that is reliable, high-quality, and affordable professional cleaning service. They make managing my AirBnB easier and do a good deep cleaning my place. They're also responsive if any issues are identified and work hard to fix any issues promptly.

Tj Brandon
Naomi Adams

Terri was **AMAZING**! On time, meticulous to detail, very professional, and an absolute pleasure. I'm so pleased we made the decision to make this a bi-weekly thing.

Jerry Edmond

Claudia did an excellent job cleaning. The cleaning was done well and the company was very responsive. It was also professional.

Amy Daniels

Claudia did an awesome job, was on time, and thorough!

Tonya McCray
Chano Berry

Thanks so much for making my weekend! It was great walking into a fresh smelling clean home. Whatever spray or cleaner they used I need the name because not only were my floors spotless everything smelled so good.

Teonna Green

Terri was really greatttttttttttttttt.. I would recommend her for any cleaning . Her personality is great as well !!!

Sydney B

Easy to book online, and they followed up to confirm the information I provided. They showed up when I was at work (as planned), and they let me know when they were on the way and when the cleaning was complete along with pictures of each room. It was so nice to come home to a clean home! All bathrooms were scrubbed clean, surfaces dusted, kitchen cleaned, and floors were spotless. Looking forward to another clean in a couple weeks!

Chris D.

The staff showed on time and he was very detailed and thorough. He was really efficient.

Brenda Yee

My place has never looked spic and span until using this service. Very detail oriented and went above and beyond my expectations. Reasonable rates for my 2 story, 3 bedroom house. Definitely will use their services again.

The cleaning team does an outstanding job. Our home is short-term rentals, and we have received several reviews with comments about how clean the home is. The team is very responsive to requests and responded to a needed cleaning in less than 24 hours.

The fellow they sent was very professional and arrived right on time, the clean was perfect i couldnt be happier

Deborah Simon

Thank you so much Clean Agenda. I recently broke my hip and my house has not had any attention. I called for a one time service before the holidays. Clean Agenda was the only service that would help me on such short notice before Thanksgiving. The staff was professional, friendly and efficient. My house is ready for friends and family. Last complement...the price was the lowest of all the agencies that I called. I will definitely use them again, saved in my phone!!!

S Dot

Highly recommend this cleaning service. Professional experience all around from booking, to actual cleaning, and follow up to ensure my satisfaction with the service

Ali Kian

Tea did an amazing job jaw dropping in every aspect work and 🙌🙌🙌 I’m still in shock

Jennifer Blend

This was my first time hiring someone to clean for me … now I don’t want to go back! I seem to attract large dust bunnies in the house and now I can see my dresser, mirrors, well everything. I guess I was thinking a quick clean of some of the bathroom appliances and when he was finished he cleaned behind the toilet and the whole pace is all sparkles fresh and clean! I don’t think my house ever looked this good and also I just appreciate that I wasn’t the one doing the labor! The person who cleaned our home was very respectful and polite as well as doing a caring and attention to detail job. We highly recommend The Clean Agenda!

Lysha Williams

The Clean Agenda has earned my business for life after the first clean. It was super easy to book. I received a few text reminders of my appointment and I even received a call once the cleaner arrived. I also received a follow up call after the service. Great price, quality and professionalism! I am planning to purchase a gift card for a friend's up coming birthday! Book them today!