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This cleaning conpany is Amazing!!! Their service is on point, they're very polite, they cleaned up parts of my house I thought I would never get cleaned! Sylvia did an amazing job.


Cleaners were nice and professional and did a good job. The owner was excellent in making sure I was satisfied with their work. I would recommend them!


Sylvia and her partner were very professional, friendly and eager to accommodate. They did a great job.


They did a great job in our house and were efficient. The scheduling and customer support was easy and helpful.


Kerin was excellent, arrived on time and did a great job of getting our home move in ready! So that was the cleaner for the new house, for my old house which I just moved out of, the cleaners were again excellent. They arrived early. They stayed late. They cleaned everything from the top to the bottom. I mean areas that I didn't even think needed cleaning they found and cleaned. Love this service.


amazing job. everything was done in such a way that I loved.


I received outstanding cleaning service and phenomenal customer service. I would highly recommend this company you will not be disappointed.


My experience has been excellent. The deep cleans live up to their name, & I’m so grateful for the assistance!!


God Bless Kerin she is the Boomb


I booked The Clean Agenda for my new place before relocating to the area. I loved how easy it was to order services remotely. Christine was polite and answered all of my questions. It’s such a relief to have cleaning knocked off my growing list of things to do. Highly recommend!!

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